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1. Unmasking the Silent Collaboration The Vatican's Role in Global Conflict and Atrocities

July 21, 2023

Recently, a 101-year-old man was convicted in Germany of more than 3500 counts of accessory to murder. However, the instrumental role of the Vatican in Hitler's rise to power is well-documented, yet to date, the Vatican has not been charged with accessory to murder.

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About Global Human Rights Taskforce

The Global Human Rights Taskforce is an organization dedicated to raising awareness and addressing global human rights violations. With a focus on highlighting and exposing violations, the taskforce aims to ensure that those responsible are held accountable in local, national, and international courts. The organization is committed to understanding and addressing the root causes of human rights issues, including but not limited to child abuse, women abuse, and poverty. Through its efforts, the taskforce seeks to promote justice, equality, and the protection of human rights worldwide.

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Investigating human rights violations with unwavering fearlessness.


Promoting the rights of the most vulnerable populations through adherence to existing legislation.


Engaging with world leaders, international courts, and the United Nations demanding culpability for human rights.

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