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Global Human Rights Taskforce Pushes for Accountability: ICC Urged to Issue Arrest Warrant for Pope

Global Human Rights Taskforce Pushes for Accountability: ICC Urged to Issue Arrest Warrant for Pope Francis San Diego, September 14, 2023 - The President of the Global Human Rights Taskforce, Joseph Bonner, has demanded justice from the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding allegations leveled against Pope Francis in 2018. These allegations, brought forth by Archbishop Viganò in his scathing testimony exposing deep-rooted corruption within the highest ranks of the Vatican, accuse Pope Francis of being aware of repeated assaults by former Cardinal McCarrick and allowing his disgraceful behavior to continue unchecked. The Global Human Rights Taskforce firmly believes that such extreme moral dereliction requires an equally resolute response from all stakeholders of the Catholic Church, as well as legal authorities. The ICC, which had previously issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Trump, has now received a request to also issue an arrest warrant for Pope Francis based on the extensive list of laws and articles he is alleged to have violated by not investigating the allegations. The allegations against Pope Francis strike at the very pinnacle of moral bankruptcy. The Global Human Rights Taskforce sees this as a clear violation of laws and articles that not only equal crimes against humanity but also warrant the attention of international legal authorities. The President, Joseph Bonner, calls upon the ICC to prioritize this matter and pursue justice with the utmost urgency. The Global Human Rights Taskforce, a leading global organization dedicated to advocating for the protection and promotion of human rights, emphasizes the importance of holding all individuals, regardless of their position or authority, accountable for their actions. By demanding justice from the ICC, the President highlights the need for the highest moral standards, especially within religious institutions. It is essential that the pursuit of justice is carried out without delay and with the utmost integrity. The Global Human Rights Taskforce invites all stakeholders, both within the Catholic Church and legal authorities, to support and participate in this call for justice. For media inquiries and further information, please contact: Joseph Bonner President Global Human Rights Taskforce 619-738-0841 ### About the Global Human Rights Taskforce The Global Human Rights Taskforce is a prominent global organization committed to upholding and advancing human rights principles. Through advocacy, research, and collaboration, the Taskforce works towards eliminating human rights violations and achieving a just and equitable world.

About Joseph Bonner

Joseph Bonner is a fearless force to be reckoned with in the realm of human rights investigation. As the mastermind behind the establishment of Bully Avengers International, he has built an empire dedicated to waging war against the tides of injustice and bullying that plague our societies on every level, be it local, national, or global. Joseph's position as President within the prestigious Global Human Rights Taskforce division is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the cause. Armed with an unparalleled knowledge of international law, he fearlessly challenges governments and international human rights organizations to rise above their complacency, relentlessly pursuing justice for the most vulnerable individuals. His unwavering determination and unyielding empathy fuel his drive to educate government agencies worldwide, igniting a revolution that spurs them to action. Joseph's invaluable legal recommendations provide governments and international human rights organizations with the tools needed to dismantle the oppressive systems that silence the voices of the oppressed. Joseph Bonner's name strikes fear into the hearts of perpetrators and inspires hope in the hearts of the oppressed. With his formidable vision and ironclad resolve, he forges a path towards a world where justice triumphs and the rights of every individual are fiercely protected.


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